Yes, that’s right, the official website of the award-winning and best-selling author from southwest Ohio whose books include The Red Letter Life and The Bone Box. In addition to his award-winning radio commentary and article-writing (in such publications as Family Circle, Discipleship Journal, and Poets & Writers), he is a frequent speaker at churches, retreats, and conferences around the world.


It’s not usually a compliment to a book if people fall asleep while reading it. But Bob Hostetler hopes that his new children’s book, Don’t Close Your Eyes (A Silly Bedtime Story), is the exception to the rule. The book employs soothing rhymes, delightful artwork by illustrator Mark Chambers, the power of suggestion—and reverse psychology—to entertain and prepare little ones for sleep.

“A brilliant and adorable bedtime story that will put a smile on the face of everyone who reads it. A gem that you don't want to miss” (Crystal Bowman, bestselling, award-winning author of more than 100 books for children, including M Is for Manger).

“Bob Hostetler mixed his signature silliness together with reverse psychology to create his must-have bedtime children's book, Don't Close Your Eyes. Paired with Mark Chambers's whimsy-filled illustrations, Bob's rhymed verse captivates kiddos and adults alike (Mona Hodgson, award-winning author of Bedtime in the Southwest and dozens of other books for children and adults).

“Don't Close Your Eyes is a sweet, funny story that's sure to become a bedtime favorite. Its adorable rhymes and lively illustrations make this book a must-have. Can't wait to add it to my children's book collection!“ (Michelle Medlock Adams, award-winning, bestselling children’s author of more than 80 books).

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Don’t Close Your Eyes (A Silly Bedtime Story) is available (from February 5) at quality retailers everywhere.


Bob's 2019 schedule includes appearances in California, Florida, Oregon, and more. See the complete (to date) schedule of speaking engagements here.




The rabbis in the temple. The wedding guest at Cana. The mother of Judas. We know them only as nameless characters in the crowded days of Jesus' life. Some are mentioned in the Bible. The existence or presence of others, while never mentioned, may be inferred. 

Bob Hostetler's Jordan River Anthology gives voice to those people, and imagines what it might have been like to have crossed paths with Jesus of Nazareth as they did. The ninety-three poems in the collection offer fresh--sometimes arresting--perspectives on the Gospels...and on their central character.

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