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In 1738 Jakob Hochstetler and his family immigrated to America, seeking sanctuary from religious persecution in Europe and the freedom to live and worship according to their Anabaptist beliefs, which include the doctrine of nonresistance. Along with others, they established the first organized Amish Mennonite community in North America near Northkill Creek. Then one morning, their simple way of life was shattered by a brutal attack from a party of Delaware and Shawnee warriors. The attack and its aftermath changed all of their lives forever.

Northkill is closely based on an inspiring true story, well-known among the Amish and Mennonites. Readers are already calling it "deeply moving, even life-changing," "riveting," "incredible," "thrilling and absorbing," and "a masterpiece."

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Every human heart longs to love and be loved. And every heart is unfulfilled until it falls in love with God.

Bob Hostetler's newest book, Falling in Love with God, is available online and in the finest bookstores everywhere. And NOW, thanks to this site, twelve downloadable  studies are available for use with your small group, Sunday school class, or Bible study. Get the studies here

Also, back by popular demand--15 easy-to-use, impactful group studies on Bob's book, American Idols (The Worship of the American Dream). American Idols details the most common--and dangerous--modern idols that could be hindering your prayers, impeding your spiritual growth, and limiting God's blessing on and through your life. It is not only perfect for your private reading and study, but a helpful resource for groups who want to spotlight and overcome the idols that infect their lives, their families, and even their churches. Link to the fifteen free American Idols studies here.



The rabbis in the temple. The wedding guest at Cana. The mother of Judas. We know them only as nameless characters in the crowded days of Jesus' life. Some are mentioned in the Bible. The existence or presence of others, while never mentioned, may be inferred. 

Bob Hostetler's Jordan River Anthology gives voice to those people, and imagines what it might have been like to have crossed paths with Jesus of Nazareth as they did. The ninety-three poems in the collection offer fresh--sometimes arresting--perspectives on the Gospels...and on their central character.


Click here to read the first eleven selections, from "The Carpenter's Mother" to "The Customer." 




Bob's 2014 speaking engagements are now posted on this website. Find out more here.