Bob began blogging in 2005. Since then he has authored over a thousand entries (on his prayer blog,, and as a blogger for the now-defunct 

In 2009, he launched two new blogs, the “Desperate Pastor Blog” primarily to catalog his mistakes and questions and failings as a pastor (primarily because there’s far more material there than in his successes and answers and aptitudes!), and “Hither and Yon,” a repository of his travels and experiences hither and yon. Mostly yon. With a little hither thrown in from time to time. And, as opportunity presents, even some thither.

The latest development is the launch of a brand new blog in late 2014, "A Thousand Ways to Pray," where he blogs about--you guessed it--the many ways the human soul reaches out God in prayer. Stop in. Comment. Tell your friends. And draw closer to the God who is constantly drawing close to you.