The Bard and the Bible
(A Shakespeare Devotional)

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“A volume of devotions both encouraging and entertaining. Read, learn, and enjoy!”
— Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Chairman, Dept. of Professional Writing, Taylor University.

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The Bard and the Bible pairs 365 short passages from each of the two greatest works of English literature ever created--and they were compiled in the same period but also in the same city! No wonder they possess striking similarities and revealing contrasts! The Bard and the Bible offers daily readings based on verses from the King James Version of the Bible and lines from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets. The poetry of the Bard and the power of God's Word will enrich your understanding and appreciation of both, and provide new ways to encounter and respond to God. This devotional provides a year of daily readings that yield intellectual stimulation and spiritual inspiration as they engage your mind and change your life.

The King James Bible is the offspring of a theatrical age, as are the works of William Shakespeare. The Bard and the Bible brings these two great English monuments together context for context in one deliciously crafted little book, a devotional that informs as well as it enchants. It is the highness, the royal step, and the deep inward gaze of both the King James Bible and the works of Shakespeare that The Bard and the Bible so eloquently reminds us of. This book is a tribute to the richness of our English language. Bob Hostetler has done a very cool thing.
— David Teems, author of Majestie: The King Behind the King James Bible and Tyndale: The Man Who Gave God An English Voice.

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